Take a breath before paying business invoices

Now you can pay bills of all sizes easily with Qred Visa! You get more time to pay your invoices and improve your company's cash flow. All invoices paid during the month and card purchases made are aggregated on the same credit card statement.

There is a 2.5% transaction fee per invoice.

Pay to Finnish bank accounts

Simple and fast

Pay bills in installments

Why should you pay bills with Qred Visa?

Pay your invoice in Qred's App with just couple clicks.

Take advantage of the credit card's grace period (up to 45 days).

You can also pay back in installments to get even more time to pay.

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How do I pay an invoice on Qred's app?

Qred Pay payment gateway in the Qred app


Log in to Qred's app
Open Qred's app and log in with your online banking credentials.


Click on "Pay invoice"
You can pay invoices to Finnish IBAN account numbers.


Fill in the invoice details
Take a picture of the invoice and enter the recipient.


See summary and confirm payment
Confirm the payment with your online banking credentials.


It takes 1-2 business days to process the payment.

Qred VISA makes everyday life easier for small businesses

Not only can you use the card to pay company invoices but it'll also make your everyday purchases easier.

Get payment time for all business purchases

Monthly expenses gathered on one invoice

The card has no fixed fees

Try Qred VISA!


How do I apply for Qred Visa?

Apply for Qred Visa by filling out the application form here! The card is free of charge and you will receive it in the mail in 7-9 business days.

How does Qred Visa work?

Qred Visa is a business card designed for small businesses. You can use the card to make purchases for your business both in stores and online, in Finland and abroad. The card is free of charge if you pay the bill back in one go. If you want more time to pay, you can pay the invoice in instalments, in which case a monthly interest rate of 1.95% will be added to the open credit.

The card settings are managed in the Qred app. You can also record expenses in the app and pay bills using the Qred Visa credit limit.

How do I activate my card?

Activate your card in Qred's app. You can download the app from App Store or Google Play.

Click "activate my card" in the app and enter the last four digits of your card.

How much does a Qred VISA cost?

Qred VISA is free of charge. There are no monthly or annual fees. When you use the card, you get an interest-free payment period of up to 45 days. We will send you a monthly invoice for using the card. If you pay the amount in one lump sum, you will not have to pay interest. If you decide to pay back the bill in instalments, a monthly interest rate starting at 1.95% will be added to the bill. Read more about the pricing of the card here.

You can also pay your business bills with Qred Visa. Read more about paying your bills here.

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