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As entrepreneurs, we know how difficult it can be to provide the necessary financing for business. That is why we at Qred strive to provide small businesses with funding as simply and flexibly as possible.

The winter season is challenging for us as it is not the season for motorcycles. Business loan helped us to expand our services to car programming.

Jani Parkkonen, Gatemania

Business loan helped us to get ready for the Christmas season. We launched a new product and that required big investments in raw materials and supplies.

Marko Mäkilä, Vaskion Spice

We needed to purchase inventory worth of five months of sales all at once. Business loan made it possible.

Anu Rainela-Lankinen, Alnilam

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Qred was founded in Stockholm as a mission to improve the experience of small businesses in finance and put their needs first.


Qred will start its operations in Finland and open offices in both Helsinki and Latvia.


Qred is opening the gates to the Danish market.


Qred is expanding to the Netherlands.


Qred will start offering invoice financing in Sweden and start setting up business in Brazil as well.


Qred is starting a business in Belgium and the Financial Times lists the company as the eighth fastest growing company in Europe.


Qred is launching Qred Visa - a new credit card for small businesses - in Sweden.

The story behind Qred

Once upon a time, there was a young talented entrepreneur with the idea of starting a business. When the company was founded, everything was new and exciting. So this future entrepreneur first walked into the nearest bank to announce that he wanted to open a bank account for his new business, where he wanted to deposit ten thousand euros.

He enthusiastically explained his plans for business, after which the bank manager asked why the entrepreneur had chosen his bank. This surprised me momentarily, as the bank in question had just been selected as the entrepreneur bank of the year, but as a humble man, the entrepreneur told of his plans for business and announced that he had chosen the bank in question because it felt like a good bank for a new business.

After a 15-minute meeting, the bank manager indicated that the business did not affect competence and therefore the company could not be eligible as a customer of the bank. The decision was quite a slap in the face for the entrepreneur. How was that possible? After all, he did not want to borrow money from the bank but, on the contrary, deposit his share capital in the bank's branch. Could the bank manager be right that he wasn't cut out to be an entrepreneur after all? Fortunately, another bank was found that agreed to open a bank account, and thus the business could be kicked off. The entrepreneur in question was me. Afterwards, I have learned that I was not alone, but countless other entrepreneurs have been humiliated by the banks.

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