Borrow responsibly

We at Qred AB (“Qred”) have developed a policy to prevent companies from finding themselves in a situation where they cannot repay their debts. Below, we describe how we ensure that we lend to customers that can meet their repayment obligations and how you can avoid ending up in financial difficulties.

The operating principles of our funding

Need to use the loan

Through our online service, we grant loans to Finnish companies. The purpose of the loan shall relate to the further development of the enterprise. So we are not lending to individuals or entrepreneurs who have the idea of spending the money on their own consumption. Because we only grant loans to companies, we primarily make a creditworthiness assessment based on the company's data.

Of course, when a business is set up, money is needed, but itis equally needed to maintain competitiveness and potential investment. Whatever the need (in addition to the above, working capital, hiring staff or employees, equipment and various equipment...), it must not exceed the company's ability to repay.

The loan periods we offer are quite short (1-18 months),so it is absolutely essential that the company already has cash flow when taking out a corporate loan. In this way, we will avoid any problems with the repayment of the loan when the corporate loan can be repaid from the company's cash flow in the coming months. Of course, we try our best to help start-ups as well, but then we usually have to go into more detail about the future cash flow and the potential risks, as well as alternatives to the fact that the plans will not be already already agreed.

Repayment of the loan

Already during the loan application phase, we try to go through the repayment schedule of the loan with the applicant. It is important to internalise the size of the monthly batch so that it does not come as a surprise later. We are trying everything we can to avoid a situation where the customer will be surprised. That's why we go through the contract thoroughly with the customer and agree on all costs and schedules together. We therefore promise that the prices of our corporate loans will not include any expenses other than the fixed fee per month that we agreed with the customer. On the paper invoice we charge a small extra charge (5€) and a reminder of 20€. However, if it happens so badly that the repayment of the loan is transferred to collection, we will charge 50€ for the notification of termination of the corporate loan. Here's all our extra expenses on display.

Suppose you take out a business loan from Qred Oy, Finland branch for e.g. 8 months, but you want to pay it off in e.g. 5 months. This will not cause you any additional costs, but even better: you will not have to pay the monthly charges of the previous plan for the whole period, only for the months used. We think this is fair.

Increase in corporate loans

If the repayment of the corporate loan we grant goes smoothly and sticks to the schedule, we can negotiate with the customer to increase the loan amount. This means that we grant the customer more loans - often to the level for which the customer would have originally wanted it - and replace the previous contract with a new one. Our former customers are important to us, and this applies to them as well. If the previous loan payment has gone as planned, they have a good basis for negotiating (even) better terms for their new loan.

Here you can fill out a business loan application

Aren't you interested to know how much our corporate loan would cost you? Ask for an offer, it won't bind you to anything. Then you'll have a week to think and decide what to do. We also encourage you to compare different business loans and explore different loan offer terms and price lists. If you can't find them on the service providers' website, you can draw your own conclusions from that too.

Requesting a loan offer costs nothing


Short-maturity corporate loans, as we offer at Qred, are a fairly new financial product for companies to use. The product is quite different from the business financing of the traditional banking world.

As an entrepreneur, you have probably resorted to your bank in the past when there has been a need for a business loan. Logically, the bank should have nothing against granting your business loan, considering that sometimes even your personal financial transactions pass through your bank vaults. It is strange why banks have put such high barriers to the granting of corporate loans. Just getting a decision from the bank about whether or not to get that business loan often takes a couple of weeks, stating, of course, that before that you have had time to submit all the necessary papers to the bank.

Fortunately, there are now alternatives for the entrepreneur. This could be imagined as motivating banks to develop their services into more entrepreneurial ones. Qred is the fastest growing financial company in the Nordic countries that provides corporate loans. As a rule, the money we borrow is our own funds, which we have collected with our own business operations. We now want to use them to grow your business. So let's get the money going and get the strode rolling!

As soon as your business's first journey is gone through and your business idea seems to work, we can offer you our corporate loan without collateral. If you complete this non-binding application on this page, we promise to send you a reply quickly. Then if you think it's appropriate and you're willing to accept it, you can sign our offer electronically right away. We will immediately make a bank transfer to you, in which case the money will be in your account either immediately or within one business day, depending on the bank.

We offer small entrepreneurs unsubsent business loans,cheaply and quickly. Our competent and friendly financial advisors (call 09-424 503 99) will certainly find the best with you

What we require of a loan applicant

After contacting us, we will naturally review the information you provide (income, turnover...), but we will not ask for actual financial statements or other attachments. In connection with the application, our website has the option to attach them to your message, but it is up to you. Their existence will help us process your application more quickly.

Your company should be registered with the Finnish Trade Register. Your company's status should be active and should not have any payment defaults. You will provide your own electronic bank credentials when accepting the personal guarantee of the loan.

What is the reason for the negative loan decision?

We try to find out as best we can with the turnover of each company applying for a loan from us, so that the repayment of the loan goes according to plan and no unpleasant surprises appear. In our loan decisions, therefore, we take all the above factors into account, each of which contributes to the price of the loan. Therefore, if the loan decision you received is negative, the reason may have been due to these or the following issues related to your creditworthiness:

  • If it is found that your company's turnover does not survive the monthly payment of the loan you are applying for.
  • Your company's capital has been used
  • Your credit history includes a payment default entry
  • There were major difficulties with the repayment of your previous loan
  • Your company already has many other loans



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