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Save on every purchase
45 days interest-free payment period
Collect receipts in one place

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Buy today, pay later

Make your business purchasing easier with Qred VISA. The credit card is accepted everywhere. Whether you purchase online or offline you'll always have the funds needed. You will only get billed for what you buy with the card once a month.

Save while you spend

With Qred VISA you save money on all your business purchases! Every time you use your card, whether online or offline, you get 1% cashback. 

The earned cashback will be deducted from the monthly invoice. It is simple - if you have made purchases of 10 000 € you only get billed for 9 900 €.

1% payment method benefit

Pay only for what you buy

Buying what your business needs with Qred VISA costs you only the price of your purchase. No matter what you buy, if you pay full invoice balance at once, there will be no additional fees. If you want to pay in installments an individually set interest rate will be added, starting at 1.95% per month.

Yearly fee

Usage fee

Currency surcharge

0 €

0 €

0 %

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Collect all receipts

Save time and money with Qred Visa's expense management. After making a purchase with the card, you can create en expense easiliy in Qred's App by adding a picture of the receipt to the transaction. At the end of each invoicing period you will receive a digital expense report that lists all the expenses and receipts of that period.

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Manage everything in Qred App

Activate your card
See transactions
Change card settings

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Qred Visa, now with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay now works with Qred VISA card! Easily connect your card to the Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Macbook.

No need to wait for your physical plastic card - you can start using your card today!

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What does Qred VISA cost?

Qred VISA is free of charge. There are no usage or annual fees on the card. We will send you an invoice once a month for using the card. If you pay the entire bill at once, you will not be charged interest. If you repay the invoice in parts, interest is added to the open credit, starting at 1.95%.

Can I use Qred VISA abroad?

Yes, Qred VISA can be used wherever Visa is accepted. Qred does not add a currency surcharge for purchases made in foreign currencies.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM with the card?

No. The credit card may be used for purchases both online and offline but you can't withdraw money using it.

Do as thousands of companies

Try Qred Visa for free. You will receive a physical credit card by mail in 7-9 business days, but you can start using the card right away, as you will also receive a virtual card in Qred's application that you can use for online purchases. You can add a card to your mobile wallet and easily pay for all your purchases with your phone even in stores.
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