Credit card for businesses

Save money and time with a small business credit card - Qred VISA!

Save on every purchase
45 days interest-free payment period
Collect receipts in one place

Order a Qred VISA credit card for business

Credit card for businesses

Save time and money with Qred Visa!

Save on every purchase
45 days interest-free payment period
Collect receipts in one place

Order your Qred VISA here

Qred-credit card for businesses and terminal

Buy today, pay later

Make your business purchasing easier with Qred VISA. The credit card is accepted everywhere. Whether you purchase online or offline you'll always have the funds needed. You will only get billed for what you buy with the card once a month.

Save while you spend

With Qred VISA you save money on all your business purchases! Every time you use your card, whether online or offline, you get 1% cashback. 

The earned cashback will be deducted from the monthly invoice. It is simple - if you have made purchases of 10 000 € you only get billed for 9 900 €.

1% payment method benefit
Pay by Qred credit card for business and at the terminal

Pay only for what you buy

For purchases made with Qred Visa, you only pay the price of your purchase. If you pay your credit card bill in one lump sum, you will not be charged interest or other fees. If, on the other hand, you wish to pay back the bill in instalments, a monthly interest rate of 1.95% will be added to the open credit.

Yearly fee

Usage fee

Parallel cards

0 €

0 €

Free card for up to 3 employees

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Collect all receipts

Save time and money with Qred Visa expense management. After making a purchase with your card, you can simply enter it as an expense in the Qred app by taking a picture of the receipt and attaching it to the transaction. At the end of the billing period, you will receive all your expenses and receipts in one digital report.

Read more about Qred VISA's expense management
Qred application and cost management

Manage your business card in the Qred app

Activate your card
See transactions
Change card settings

Download the app:

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Qred app and credit card for businesses
Qred VISA credit card for businesses and Apple Pay

Qred Visa, now with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay now works with Qred VISA card! Easily connect your card to the Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Macbook.

No need to wait for your physical plastic card - you can start using your card today!

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About Qred


Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Qred is one of Europe's fastest growing fintech companies, according to the Financial Times. Qred has delivered profitable growth since the beginning and, according to Trustpilot, is the market leader in the Nordics with the most satisfied customers in Finland.

Qred operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Germany and Brazil and has granted hundreds of thousands of loans to small businesses. Thanks to a fully automated and patented credit scoring system, Qred Bank can quickly and competitively provide entrepreneurs with the support they need to grow.

A person holding a Qred VISA visa who wishes to apply for a business loan.


What does Qred VISA cost?

Using Qred Visa in local currency is free of charge and there are no monthly or annual fees. We will send you a monthly invoice for the purchases you make with the card. If you pay the whole bill at once, you will not be charged interest. If you pay back the bill in instalments, interest will be added to the open credit, starting at 1.95%.

Can I use Qred VISA abroad?

Yes, the Qred credit card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Purchases made in foreign currencies are subject to a 2% foreign exchange surcharge.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM with the card?

No. The card can be used to make purchases both in stores and online, but cannot be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Do as thousands of companies

Try Qred Visa for free. You'll receive your physical credit card in the mail within 7-9 business days, but you can start using it right away, as the virtual card in the app allows you to shop online. You can also add the card to your mobile wallet and easily pay for all your purchases on your phone, even in-store.

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