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Why should you join Qred as a partner?

As Qred's partner, you will benefit from numerous benefits. Firstly, with the simple funding made possible by the partnership, you can increase your sales and expand your customer base. Secondly, you will receive the Commission for each loan that has been completed. 

For example, do you sell products or services to other companies? Partnering with Qred helps your customers get fast and reliable financing to buy your products. As our partner, you can help other companies grow, invest and innonat. In addition to helping, you will be rewarded with the Commission – everyone wins.

Your benefits as a partner: 

  • Commission on each corporate loan that has come through you
  • Increase your sales by providing agile financing to your customers 
  • Expand your business coverage or customer base
  • Qred is responsible for the financial risk: safe and risk-free for you

Who can join Qred's partner?

Qred can partner with all companies that sell goods or services to other companies. If you or your company are in the business market, you can join Qred as a partner and help other entrepreneurs find the right funding for your products.

How does the partnership with Qred work?

Being a partner of Qred means that you are rewarded for helping other entrepreneurs find quick and reliable financing for their business needs. We provide flexible business loans without start-up fees or hidden costs, helping entrepreneurs build their future with the right financing opportunities. Our partners help us reach more business owners with direct financing needs. It can be as simple as a supplementary down payment loan for leasing a company car, stock financing or the purchase of products and services. Whatever your financing needs, Qred offers the tools to make your business better by enabling financing for your customers as an additional service. Plus, we reward you - our partner - with a commission for each successful referral (accepted loan), making a partnership with Qred the smart choice for both you and your customers.

How much do Qred's corporate loans cost?

We want to make the everyday life of entrepreneurs less straightforward. Therefore, our pricing is simple and clear.

Qred's corporate loans have no interest. Instead, a fixed monthly fee is charged. The monthly fee is company-specific and starts at 1.75%. Apart from the monthly fee, there are no other costs for the loans. Our loans also have no commitment period, which means that the business loan can be repaid as soon as it is no longer needed. In this case, we only charge a monthly fee for the time the loan has been in use.

Clear, easy and transparent – that's why more and more small business owners are choosing Qred. 

What is Qred?

Qred is a specialist in corporate loans and corporate finance. Founded in 2015, Qred's mission is to help businesses grow, invest and expand. We offer agile business loans with no upfront fees, hidden costs or commitment period. We strive to make everyday life easier for small business owners so they can focus on their business.

What do I do to do with Qred's partner?

Joining Qred as a partner is simple. Click the Join as a Partner button, then fill in both your company details and contact information. We will then be in contact with you as soon as possible, and together we will discuss the cooperation model that best benefits your company.

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